Thunderchild Cultivation

A state-of-the art agricultural production facility.
Sitting astride the golden plains of Saskatchewan, the TC Facility is a collaboration between industry and the Thunderchild First Nation to bring a state-of-the-art grow facility to the Canadian prairie. Highly specialized systems combine to bring a new method of growing to the traditional heart of Canadian agriculture, allowing for high-value crops year round, independent of weather.

At a Glance


Decibel Cannabis Company Inc.


133,462 sqft.







$ 32,000,000

Project INFO

The facility consists of two grow wings arranged around a central processing, shipping, and administrative core. Highly specialized lighting, ventilation, irrigation, and fertigation systems in hermetically sealed grow rooms allow for precision and variation in controlled crops.

In the central hub, security checkpoints control access to the facility's production areas, while airlocks and changing rooms ensure no outside contamination enters these sensitive zones. On the upper floor, a modern, open office dominates, replete with natural light from skylights. Above the grow wings are mechanical attics - large service spaces full of mechanical and electrical units to ensure each grow room functions as needed.

Built on lands belonging to the Thunderchild First Nation, the TC Cultivation facility is intended to serve as a major anchor to a greater industrial/commercial development being undertaken by the Band.

One of the greatest difficulties for the project was the site itself. Built on land that had only every been used for agriculture, there were no service tie-ins anywhere near the proposed facility. Working with the local authorities having jurisdiction and service provides, water and power services needed to be brought into the area. Large amounts of trenching and infrastructure was installed to accommodate the facility. With the amount of water the facility consumed, large holding tanks were installed until such a time as the surrounding area can develop improved sanitary services.


Formed Alliance Architecture Studio, Quinn Saretsky Structural Engineers, TWS Engineering Ltd., D.B.K. Engineering Ltd., Sedulous Engineering Inc.,

Structural Elements

Pre-engineered steel buildings form the production wings, tied together by a conventional steel central hub.

Building Envelope

"Driftwood" wood-grain Lux panels, and composite metal wall panels serve to accent the central hub, while corrugated metal wall panels clad the production wings, Standing-seam roof panels and a built-up TPO roof are used for wings and hub respectively.

Building Height

Production Wings: 23,878 sq.ft. each. Central Hub Main Floor: 17,730 sq.ft Central Hub Second Floor: 12,709 sq.ft. Production Wing Eave: 29'-0" Top of Parapet: 35'-6"

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